Welcome to The Alliance

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THE ALLIΔNCE is a coalition of like-minded guilds exploring online mobile gaming platforms together.  We were founded on four key principles:

  • 1. Individuality

    Member Guilds of THE ALLIΔNCE should run themselves

  • 2. Simplicity

    We should keep the structure of THE ALLIΔNCE as simple as possible.

  • 3. Transparency

    THE ALLIΔNCE will promote transparency and openness.

  • 4. Friendship

    THE ALLIΔNCE will thrive through friendship and respect.

THE ALLIΔNCE is currently comprised of over 40 Guilds in the SWGOH universe with ~ 2000 players.  We are a Constitutional Republic with government representatives, in the form of Senators, from each guild.  
Bottom line is if you are looking for a group of great people THE ALLIΔNCE is the place for you.  Come check us out and you won’t be disappointed!

Daniels Jack

When I first heard about the idea, I was skeptical! But that changed quickly, and today I can say joining The Alliance  was the best decision I ever made.
Great organization, great content and awesome people. 

Colonεl SΔηdμrζ

Joining the Alliance has been a great experience for me and my guild mates, allowing us to continue to grow as a group, and being able to share gaming tactics, and tips on how to improve.  The Alliance is truely a great group of people!

Anraeth Erith

Entering a good guild early is a good move. Entering the Alliance is the best move


I love the amount of experienced players we have and how we welcome both newer players and older players looking for a place

Brendo Macabo

Since I joined the Alliance, I've been surrounded by fun and supportive people who help me get the most out of this great game!


The best gaming community I've ever been a part of

chilidog ι


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